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Auto Glass Sensor Door

Telescopic Glass Sensor Door

Telescopic Auto Door used where large opening are needed.  It can provide 66% openings, whereas ordinary glass sensor door provide less than 505 openings. It is made of dual track system

There are various types of Auto Sensor Door available -

1) Sliding Sensor Door

2) Swing Sensor Door

3) Revolving Sensor Door

4) Telescopic Sensor door

Hospital Sensor Door

Hermetically sealed auto Hospital Doors used in Operation Theatres. It allows to maintain clear air in Operation Theatres. When the doctor to operation inside the door is locked, when the doctors wants to go out, they can open the door with foot sensor.

It is made of stainless steel / aluminum  hermiatically sealed  door.

Revolving Sensor Door

Auto Revolving Door are mainly used in Shoppimg Malls, Hotels and offices. Ordinary glass sensor door cannot maintain 100% isolation between inside and outside air, which result in huge air conditon loss in summer or heat loss during winter.

Revolving doors provide full isolation between inside and outside of a building door. They are available in 3 or 4 wings model. At a time only 2 wings are open to outside and hence isolation is maintained.

Its structure is made on stainless steel or aluminum, the normal door diameter is .6 ~ 3 Meter diameter and  2.2 Meter height with 300mm canopy. It also has  German SEC Motor with Panasonic controller European Sensors Heavy duty 24 hr x 365 days operation Available in 3 / 4 wings Aluminum & SS#304 frame with Toughen Glass.

Swing Door Motor SW 100/200

Auto Sliding Sensor Door

Auto Sensor Door are also called Airport Door, commonly used in shopping malls, office,
hospitals etc. It is IR sensor operated door, when people approaches the door, it automatically
open and closes. Normally it is 4.2 meter wide door in 4 parts or 1 meter each ( two fixed
panels and two moving panels) and gives clear opening os 2 meter. Wider Auto GLASS SENSOR DOOR
are also available in market.

There are various types of Auto Sensor Door available -

  • Sliding Sensor Door

  • Swing Sensor Door

  • Revolving Sensor Door

  • Telescopic Sensor door