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Automatic Door Specialist

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Automatic Door Specialists

Door Automation Systems are popular in US & European countries since 30~35 years. Expensive manpower was the main reason for invention of Door & Gate Automation products. Security & Surveillance ease of operation, faster & automatic movements have made it popular. Automatic Door, Gates, Windows etc. widely used all over the world & fast catching us in developing countries also.

The falling products fall under Door Automation –

A) Rolling Shutters

i ) Mild Steel made rolling shutters up to 1000 sq. feet.

a ) Tubular Motors used in rolling shutters up to 100 sq. feet.

b) Central Motors used in medium size rolling shutters up to 200 sq. feet, it can work by hand during power fail

c) Side Motors are used in heavy duty rolling shutters up to 1000 sq. feet.

ii) High Speed Rolling Shutters (PVC)

iii) Sectional doors

iv) Vertical doors

B)  Glass Sensor Doors

i) Auto Glass Sensor Door used in airport, shopping mall, offices, industries etc.

ii) Swing Door used in offices, hospitals etc.

iii) Revolving auto door used in Malls, Hotels etc.

iv) Hermitically sealed Hospital Doors used in Operation Theatres

v) Telescopic Auto Door used where large opening are needed

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