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Benefits of Installing Swing Gate Operator Your Residential or Commercial Property

Posted on: Saturday, April 30, 2022 Tags:

Whether it is a residential or commercial or industrial swing gate, Safety, security, and easy to operate are some of the prime concerns of every property owner.

The growing demand for Swing Gate Operator manufacturers is a clear sign of the popularity of these doors in various industrial, commercial and residential properties in India.

11 Most Common Reasons to Install Swing Gate Operator

• Increased Security

When you compare Automatic Swing Gates vs ordinary manually operate swing gate, you can always find them more secure and easy to use. These doors are designed to provide you with an extra layer of security. They are sturdy and hard to break. Hence, it cannot be easy to access for people who are not authorized to get entry inside your property.

• Durable and Sturdy

Developers and property owners often choose sliding gates because of their durability, strength, and sturdiness. These gates add value to your property. You can use one sliding gate for several years with nominal maintenance. They are designed to withstand regular wear and tear without losing their natural efficiency.

• Cost-Effective

Automatic Swing Gate Operators are always cost-effective when compared with manually operated gates. At least 3 security guards are needed to manage one swing gate 24 hrs  x 365 days.  Only 3 months of security guard salary is enough to automate the manual gate to the automated gate. The power consumption to operate such gates per month is less than Rs. 100.

• Add Value to Your Property

With so many benefits and features, Automated Swing gates always increase the overall value of your property. A commercial building with automated swing gate doors looks smart, saves space, and ensures security and efficiency.

• Auto close facility

It has Auto close facility, so manpower for closing the gate is not required. Also to Open only press a remote button.

• NO manual Lock & keys are needed

It is geared lock, no manual Lock & keys are needed. The Motors locked the gate automatically. So it saves manpower and enhances security.

• Safety features

It has safety Photo safety sensor facility, so it will not hit any car or human being while closing down. It also has anti-rebound technology, in case the safety photo sensor fails, it will still not damage the vehicle etc.

It has built-in thermal protection, in case someone lock it manually and press the button, the motor and gate will not be damaged.

• High efficiency

Automatic Swing  Gate Motors are high efficiency and hence consume very low power.

• Manual Operation available

Automatic Swing gate Operators have built-in clutch keys, which allow manual operation on power failure.

• Alarms

Automatic Swing gate Operators also give Visual and audio alarms while operating for the safety of vehicles and people.

• Integrated with Home Automation & Access control

Automatic Swing gate Operators can be interfaced with all types of home automation & access control. So you can operate these motors from cell phones from anywhere in the world.

At Smartpower Automation, we produce the best quality Automatic Swing gate Operators for advanced automated doors that can be used in commercial and residential properties. Please get in touch with us for more information.