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Glass Sensor Doors

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Glass sensor doors are basically automatic doors that save our time by opening when we approach in contact of their range of sensing. These are  very commonly seen in office, hospitals, malls and airports. For glass sensor doors, no physical contact is needed because when something comes around the perimeter the sensor senses the presence. Their perimeter ranges from 4 meters to 10 meters. 

Advantages :  Main advantage of this is to save our time and effort.  Sensor doors do not  need any kind of physical contacts.  Do not need to wait. In airports, when individuals are carrying luggage or trolley carts, this becomes a key necessity as their hands are full and they may not be able to push and open doors. Hence, the sensor does the work for them. 

Technical features:   Sensors and glasses are the main components of these kind of doors. Core part is the sensor that senses presence of  individuals within its perimeter. There are two basic types that are infrared sensors and microwave sensors. Microwave and infrared both uses transmitters and receivers to sense the presence. While microwave sensors detect humans by their body temperatures and infrared sensors catch the radiations emitted from the objects. They do not measure or sense heat. In smartpower automation

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the sensors for the doors are mostly microwave sensors which go through various tests at smartpower automation workshop.


Key Features:  Auto swing doors are used in offices, corridor of hospitals and malls. These are mainly used where there is lack of space so it opens at an angle of 90% or on the side of the wall without taking extra space. Revolving doors are used on those places where we need isolation from outer environment of the building. It provides complete isolation between inside and outside air. Hospital sensor doors have different operating mechanism than other auto glass door. Hospital or hermetically glass sensor doors push back the plate of the door, blocking the outer air entering the operating theater. 

Types and operation: On the basis of functionality and design there are four types of glass sensor doors which are also called airport doors. Commonly seen in shopping malls, offices, hospitals, glass sensor doors are IR sensor doors. Auto swing door are used in offices,  these come with sensors which can sense the presence of individual or these can be controlled by remotes. Single leaf and double leaf auto swing door are available at smartpower automation.  Revolving sensor door are mainly seen in openings of large buildings. These are used to maintain the pressure, because of air conditioning system the warm air goes up and cold comes down which increases pressure on the lobby of the building so these are best options for that case because it keeps revolving all the time automatically providing way to pass. Hospital sensor doors are known as hermetically sealed doors and frequently used in operation theaters. Benefits of using these doors at the entrance of operating theater is that they help to maintain clean air in operating room. Hospital doors also have sensors at  the bottom of the door which is used to open the doors in case if their hands are busy. Telescopic doors are used where large opening space are needed. On this case door plates settles down on another plate giving more opening. It gives opening of 66%.