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Highway Toll Management System

Highway Toll Management System

Operation principal

Smartpower Highway Toll Management System is easy to use. When the vehicle approaches lane the operator selects the Vehicle type and puts Vehicle

NO, the TOLL receipt will will be printed, Barrier Gate will OPEN. The Fare display will show the fare amount.

The Automatic Vehicle Classifier checks the vehicle type and compares with operator’s selection. If its not matching, an audit report will be generated.


¬ Easy to use

¬   Toll Collection Interface Software

¬    Incident Capture ( No plate & Vehicle)

¬    Webcam for VIP I Card verification

¬    Highspeed Boom Barrier

¬    Automatic Data Back System

¬    Lane wise PC with Thermal Printer

¬ Cashup / POS / Reporting / LSDU module


¬ Auto Vehicle classification & counting

¬ Traffic LED Light

¬ Fare Display LED Light

¬ Overhead Lane Display LED Light

¬ Weight in Motion detector