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Motorized Sliding & Swing Gates, Turnstiles & Flap Gates

Posted on: Sunday, February 12, 2017 Tags:

Motorized Sliding Gates & Swing Gates are widely used in Entrance of houses, factories, offices, apartments, Amusement Parks, airports every where. Smartpower Automation provides products and services in this field.

Motorised Sliding Gates are made of Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Coated Panels, Woods,marbles etc. It can be upto 20 meter wide and 8 meter height. The motors can take loads upto 4000 kg.

Motorised Swing Gates are mainly used in Villas, Bunglows, Apartments etc. There are three type of motors Arm Type, Pillar Type, Roller type. Each leaf can take load upto 5 meter wide / 500 kg weight.

Turnstiles are mainly used in Offices, Factories, Amusement Park, Metro subway etc. There are two types of Turnstiles – Half Height & Full Height. Full heights are popular in Industry.

Flap Gates are mainly used in Metro subway , amusement park etc where traffic flow is high.

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