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Parking Guidance System

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A common problem faced by all vehicle owners when they enter a parking zone is to figure out where to park their vehicles. They are unaware of how many parking slots are available (if at all) and where these vacant slots are. The problem gets amplified if the parking space we are dealing with is a multi level parking space. Let’s suppose there are five levels of parking, and a vehicle owner enters the ground floor. The first two floors are completely packed but there is a parking slot available in the third floor. The challenge here Acheter cialis en ligne france

is to convey this piece of information automatically to the vehicle owner as soon as he enters the parking zone. Another challenge, an even greater one, is to calculate the number of slots that are available in each parking floor as soon as a vehicle enters or exits the space. Note that all of this is to be done automatically and no human workforce is employed. 


Smartpower is the only India based company to offer a solution for this problem. The parking zone controllers offered by Smartpower are versatile and easy to use. There is no requirement for external computers, or GPRS, or cloud based systems. The system works offline and with integration to the other controllers in the system. Any number of areas or sub-areas or parking zones may be configured such that when a vehicle moves out from zone 1 and into zone 2, a slot gets subtracted from the second zone’s LED display and gets added to the first zone’s display. The controllers may be situated far away, and may be connected using CAN bus technology, with only two wires. 

Big LED displays are employed at the entrances of each of the parking zones so that when a vehicle enters a parking zone, the total number of empty in that particular parking zone is displayed on the LED screen. However, it is to be understood that the system does not show where exactly these empty spaces are. Only the count of the empty spaces is shown on the LED display along with an arrow pointing towards the entry (or wherever we want it to). Let’s suppose a building with several parking zones, where the main entrance for vehicles is from the ground floor. In that case, we would want to show the total number of empty slots in the main gate itself. To add to this, the number of vacant slots in the other floors may also be displayed on the main entrance’s LED display which is usually larger in size and with more number of LED screens. 

Error Cases: 

1.1 What if a vehicle exits through the Entry Gate? 

In an event where a vehicle mistakenly exits through the entry gate, the system is equipped to understand the direction of the vehicle. So that, the empty vehicle count does not decrease instead of increasing. We understand that error cases, even though rare, are not impossible. There may be times when vehicle owners have difficulty in understanding entry and exit gates and may make mistakes. The system offered by Smartpower is fool proof and is equipped to handle these rare cases. 

1.2 What if a vehicle stands at the entry gate and does not move? 

In such an event, we may think that the vehicle count will start decreasing indefinitely, but that does not really happen. Instead, the loop detectors under the ground ensure that the vehicle is counted only once when it enters, and once when it exits. The loop detectors will remain triggered as long as the vehicle is standing above them and will only send the counting pulse when the vehicle leaves the loop detectors i.e. enters or exits the parking zone.