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Parking Solution Accessories

Token Dispenser

Token Dispenser are used in Queue Management in Banks,Hospitals, Service centers and also Parking Management.

When customer enters a Bank or service centre, to manage the queue a Token is issued to the customer.

When the customer PRESS the button, A token printout comes out automatically with a serial number, date and time.

Company Name can also be displayed ( can be edited from a PC through USB Port and software)

Parking Mirror (Convex Mirror)

Parking Mirror are Convex Mirrors, used in Parking system to see vehicles approaching from 90 degree angles in opposite direction. Generally it is 100 CM deimenet or less. These are IP 55 and for 100% outdoor use.

Card Receiver

Smartpower Card Receiver are used in parking fee system to receive RFID or Mifare cards at EXIT Gates. They are also fitted with (OPTIONAL) RFID reader to read the card content.

Card Dispenser

Card Dispensers are used in Parking Entry Gate to issue card automatically to the visitor. When the vehicle / visitor arrives on the Loop detector, it greets the visitor with welcome sound prompt. On PRESSING button the PARKING CARD come out automatically. It can be interfaced with RFID sensor also. When the Card comes out, The Gate OPEN automatically. It also have LOW Card alarm. It can store 250 cards or more.

Vehicle Loop Detector

Vehicle Loop Detector are used in sensing the vehicle movement

  • Product Category?
    Vehicle Loop Sensor

  • Product Details?
    Power Supply: 220V AC±10%
    Rated power: 4.5W
    Operating Temperature: -30?to 70?
    Operating Frequency:20KHz to 170KHz
    Sensitivity: 0?9levels
    Relay Output: DC24V/3A
    Installation: DIN lead rail
    Dimensions: 100*70*118mm
    Reaction Time: 20ms