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Parking Fee Management System – RFID Card Based (Wireless)


Wireless Parking Fee Management System – is widely used in Shopping Malls, Bus Stand, Apartment complex,Airport, Railway Station, Public places etc.

In this RFID card based Parking FEE Management System no wires are used between Entry & Exit Gates. Multiple Entry and exit Gates can be controlled by one software. Simple RFID reader is used at Entry Gate and POS system at Exit Gate, both are integrated with Boom Barrier.

The basic features are

a) Wireless System

b) Multiple Entry & Exit fully Integrated

c) Kioks Box with Card Dispensor at Entry & High speed printer with PC at EXIT

d) Multiple type of Vehicle allowed

e) reports of vechile wise / date wise / time wise / operator wise Fee collection

Operation Principal

When the vehicle approaches the parking entry, the vehicle loop detector senses the vehicle and makes system ready, the drives PRESS the push button and takes RFID card from the kiosk.  At the same moment the speaker welcomes the driver and the barrier gate opens. After the vehicle enters, the barrier gate closed automatically.

At the Exit Gate the driver shows the card to the EXIT POS (Point of Sale) system. The POS ask for type of vehicle and its vehicle number. The Automatic system calculates the parking FEE, after the FEE is paid, the Barrier Gate Opens and allows the vehicle to exit. Finally the barrier gate closed automatically.


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