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Anti Crash Barrier Gate

Posted on: Tuesday, January 09, 2018 Tags:

Anti Crash Barrier are used in High security area like embassy, defence, 5 star hotels etc.

The Boom is made of MS ( Mild steel) and crash rated. The vehicle will be damaged if hitting the boom, but the boom will remain strong.

Typically designed to stop a speeding vehicle from entering into prohibited areas, Smartpower’s anti crash boom barrier is equipped with two powerful conjoined booms. The anti crash barrier stands strong when a vehicle approaches and hits the boom. The vehicle may get damaged but the boom remains unbroken. Our boom barriers have be tested and are in use at various hotels and industrial spaces. Commonly employed for use in defence, security-tight zones, hotels and more. These barriers can also work with loop detectors, photosensors, remotes, access controls, remotes, and normal switches. Smartpower offers a much competitive price as compared to other companies in Anti crash barriers.