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A bollard is a Vertical Pillar type structure, short, vertical post. The term Bollards was initially used for vertical pillar type short structure mounted on ships, which were used to mooring boats.


TRAFFIC BOLLARDS are vertical pillar type structure / post to maintain vehicle traffic on roads / parking area. These Bollards can be permanent structures or moveable one also.

TYPES OF TRAFFIC BOLLARDS There are basically 3 types of Traffic Bollards.

1) Automatic Traffic Bollards are most common types Bollards used in modern parking system or Roads to control Vehicle Traffic. These Bollards are electrically managed cylindrical in shape, made of stainless steel, move up & down above and beneath the Road level. They can be operated by a Electrical switch or remote control of loop detectors. When these bollards are beneath the road the vehicle can pass, when these bollards are UP , they can block and control the vehicle traffic. These Bollards are generally separated by a horizontal distance of 1000 ~ 1200 mm, to prevent & control four-wheeler entry.



2) Semi Automatic Traffic Bollards are operated without electrical power. In the Bollard inside there is a hydraulic piston & Spring, which always pushes the Bollards in UP direction. The UP movement can be blocked by a mechanical key. When the Key is released the Semi Automatic Bollards moves UP direction due to spring pressure. To make it DOWN, manual force is applied and the Key is locked again so that the Bollards remain in DOWN position.

Semi automatic Bollards are used where the Traffic movement is limited. For example only during a fixed timings they need to be made UP or DOWN. In some places the vehicles are prevented to enter only during Night time or Day time or during official hours, in such cases Semi Automatic Bollards are used.

Since Semi automatic Bollards doesn’t uses power, they can be placed as a smaller distance also say 300~1200 mm. These types of Bollards can prevent TWO WHEELERS also form entering the restricted premised.

Semi Automatic Traffic Bollards

3) Manual Traffic Bollards are similar to semi automatic bollards, the only differences is, it can be made UP or DWON movement by manual force only. These are less expensive Bollards.

Manual Traffic Bollards


Manual Traffic Bollards

Automatic Traffic Bollards are most common types of Bollards used in modern traffic & parking control management of vehicles.

Type of Automatic Traffic Bollards there are 3 types of such bollards

a) Electro Mechnical Bollards are made UP & DOWN using geared electro mechanical motors. These Bollards are cylindrical type structure made of Stainless Steel, Each Bollard uses at least 600 watts power. To make such bollards UP & DOWN , a motor power of at least 800 watts are needed, with frequent operation, the electro mechanical motor gear system teeth are damaged. Hence Electro Mechanical Bollards are not popular in market.

b) Pneumatic Bollards uses external pneumatic pressure to make the Bollards UP & Down. Motor pumps are used above the ground to create pneumatic pressure, which are finally connected to each bollards underground. In case of any air leakage, the system will malfunction, so there pneumatic bollards are also not useful.

c) Hydraulic Bollards – There are 2 type of Hydraulic bollards

a) External Hydraulic drive

uses external hydraulic pressure to make the Bollards UP & Down. Motor Oil pumps are          used above the ground to create Hydraulic pressure, which are finally connected to each        bollards underground. In case of any oil leakage, the system will malfunction, so there              external hydraulic bollards are also not useful.

External Hydraulic Pressure unit

External Hydraulic Pressure unit

b) Internal Hydraulic drive –

In this system the Hydraulic pressure pump & motors are Built in inside the Bollards (See        picture below), so there is no chances of any oil leakages. Due to compact system and            trouble FREEE tested design, internal Hydraulic Bollards are very much popular in the              market.

Internal Hydraulic drive

Built in Hydraulic pressure pump & motors

Electronic Control unit

In this system, there are no OIL external pipes. Above the ground only a Electronic Control unit is placed, one such unit can drive 8 Bollards.

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