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Customized Motorized Vertical Louvers

Posted on: Monday, May 08, 2017 Tags:

Smartpower Motorized Vertical Louvres are customized in nature, multiple Vertical louvers (say 6 nos) or each up to 2 feet wide and 10 feet height can be used to rotate 45 degree / 90 degree / 180 degree / or any arbitrary degree.

These are used at louvers in windows and also as partition walls in home or hotel banquet.

Normally imported louvers are available in fixed size, shape and materials. But Smartpower has developed this mechanism to suite customized need of buyer.

The buyer can use wooden / metal / glass louvers of shape and size as per there interiors or exterior need. Smartpower than can motorized the same.

Vertical louvers in roof can also be made water proof if needed by the customer.

Glass louvers are used to keep out rain and direct sunshine .And also as a window blinds and shutters to angle the entrance of the lights and air.

Many have a tend to think that louvers can only be used in windows ,partition in the construction of the offices and high rise buildings.

But a louver have no limitations in use, Motorized louvers can be used in the industries ,mainly in the thermal power plants nuclear power plants industries where much heat and smoke is generated.

Now a days the architects uses louvers not only for partition and windows but also to add an accent and an extra aesthetic value to the design and buildings.

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